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Heritage was one of the best choices I made for my 3 kids.

Through the years they’ve been in Heritage, having a well-structured academic base, it’s obviously very clear how outstanding students are amongst their peers at University.

Mai Shorosh

When I looked at this picture of the graduation of my oldest daughter in 2022, it reminded me of the first day I came to Heritage fourteen years ago when […]

Sara M Rafae

Heritage has always held a special place in our hearts. Not only was it a great environment for my son to learn in, it fostered a sense of family within […]

Samar Khairat

My son has attended Heritage international school for two years now. He absolutely loves the school and the staff. The teachers are super sweet and amazing. I’ve never worried about […]

Noura hammady

Heritage is more than just a school for us. Heritage is my children’s first home, where they can find comfort, excellent education, and a safe place to leave your children, […]


We love Heritage International School simply because it’s our second home that we never want to leave behind. From the highly supportive community to the truly sufficient learning facilities! Each […]