Heritage International School provides academic instructions authorized by both the Ministries of Education of Egypt and the Province of Manitoba, Canada. We are proud to provide our students with Manitoba certified teachers for Senior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Instruction is in English for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Physical Education and Health. All students from Junior Kindergarten onwards receive daily instruction in Arabic and weekly instruction in Religion. Students from Grade 1 onwards receive introductory instruction in French. Instruction in Egyptian Social Studies begins from grade 4.

Extra-curricular activities in sports and games and additional academic tutoring are included in your child’s regular school life at Heritage International School.

Your son or daughter can be assured of receiving the finest quality child-centered education to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically at Heritage International School.



Chairman Mr. Mostafa Awara
Director Eng. Mohamed M. Awara
Co-Director – Administration Mrs. Amani M. Awara
Co-Director – Academics Mrs. Yasmine Lotfy


Head Principal Mr. Bill Parent
Secondary Vice Principal Ms. Julie Alfred
Elementary Vice Principal Mr. Mark Remington
Assistant to School Principal Ms. Amal Nawar
Executive & Educational Advisor Mrs. Mona Ackad
Marketing Manager Mrs. Ina Ramez
School Registrar and Student Affairs Manager Mrs. Yasmine Khairat
School’s Pediatrician Dr. Heba Eid


Junior Kindergarten B / Head Teacher – Kindergarten Ms. Gill Howarth
Junior Kindergarten A Ms. Allison Howarth
Senior Kindergarten A Ms. Kelly Walker
Senior Kindergarten B Mrs. Julia McEvoy

Elementary School

Grade 1 – A Ms. Amanda Perris
Grade 1 – B Ms. Kristy Nicholls
Grade 2 – A Ms. Margaret Loewen
Grade 2 – B Mr. Martin Dostie
Grade 3 – A Ms. Victoria Rombaut
Grade 3 – B Mr. Fotis Sevastakis
Grade 4 – A Mr. Daniel Gouthro
Grade 4 – B Ms. Nelly Elmenoufy
Grade 4 – C Ms. Christine Dostie
Grade 5 – A – Head Teacher Science Mr. Zach Haughn
Grade 5 – B- Head Teacher ELA Ms. Lexy Kerr
Grade 6 – A Mr. Art Armstrong
Grade 6 – B Mr. Gustavo Nascente

Middle/High School

Grade 7 – A Mr. Catherine Gray
Grade 7 – B Ms. Cameron Doroshuk
Grade 8 – A Ms. Crystal Abrahim
Grade 8 – B Ms. Amanda Wren
Grade 9 – A – Head Teacher ICT Ms. Ann Gobran
Grade 9 – B Mr. Matthew Cecchin
Grade 10 – A Mr. John Mullin
Grade 10 – B Ms. Cindy Doroshuk
Grade 10 – C Ms. Daisy Fedyna
Grade 11 – A Mr. Sheldon Perris
Grade 11 – B Mr. William Nicholls
Grade 11 – C Ms. Cindy Doroshuk
Grade 12 – A – Head Teacher English Ms. Melissa Bergamin
Grade 12 – B- Head Teacher Science & Mathematics Mr. Omar Guzman
ICT (G9-G11) – Head of ICT Ms. Ann Gobran

Specialist Teachers

Activity Coordinator Mrs. Mona ElSanhoury
Arabic & Religion Grade 9 & 12 Mr. Ahmed Mokhtar
Arabic – Grade 11 & Religion Grade 11 & 6 Mrs. Ebtsam Hassan
Arabic – Grades 1 & 3 Mrs. Amal Abdel Hamid
Arabic Grade 2  – Religion Grades 1 to Grade 4 Ms. Samia Ali
Arabic Grades 5 & 6 Ms. Fatma Abdalaah
Arabic Grade 10 & Religion Grades 10 & 7 Mr. Mohamed Yossef
Arabic Grade Jk & SK Ms. Nehad Ahmed
Arabic Grade 4 & Religion Grades 5 & 8 Mr. Mohamed Adel
Arabic Grades 7 & 8 Mr. Ashraf Taha
Art Elementary Mrs. Erika Karapacs
Art Secondary Mr. Leo Lovett-Doust
Christian Religion – All Grades from 1 to 12 Mrs. Sabat Mofeed Zaki
E.S.L. Support Mr. Joseph McCabe
A.S.L. for beginners (Elementary) Mrs. Sohier Sa’aed
A.S.L. for Intermediate (Secondary) Mrs. Yasmin Amin
E.S.L. Support Elementary Ms. Ayda Mohamed Younis
E.S.L. Support Elementary Ms. Dina Mohamed
E.S.L. Support Elementary Ms. Rasha Raafat
E.S.L. Support Elementary Ms. Youssra Ragheb
E.S.L. Support Secondary Ms. Mai Naguib
E.S.L. Support Secondary Mr. Joseph McCabe
Egyptian Social Studies Grades 5, 6, 7 & 9 – Geography Grade 10 Mrs. Randa Fathy
Egyptian Social Studies Grades 4, 8, 10 History – Civics Grade 11 & 12 Mr.Abd El Menaim Matboli
French Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 Mrs. Nadia Berrahma
French Grades 5, 6 & 7 Ms. Youssra Naguib
French Secondary – Head of French,  Grades  8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 & DELF Ms. Riham Fathi
Guidance Counselor – Drama Grade 10 Ms. Leah Robertson
Librarian Ms. Doaa Hassan
Music (Grade 3 – 8) Mrs. Deborah Burton
Ms. Heba Aziz
Music Elementary (JK – Grade 2) Mr. Adham Roshdy
Physics – Chemistry (Grade 11C) Mr. Ahmed Amin
Physical Education Grades 4 to 8  
Physical Education Grades 9 to 12 Mr. Daylon Dallyn
Physical Education JK, SK, 1, 2, & 3 Mr. Hussein Ahmed Abdel El Kawy
Physical Education Grades 9 to 12 Mr. Christian Macdonald
Resource Coordinator Ms. Sara Ahmed