Heritage International School provides academic instructions authorized by both the Ministries of Education of Egypt and the Province of Manitoba, Canada. We are proud to provide our students with Manitoba certified teachers for Senior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Instruction is in English for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Physical Education and Health. All students from Junior Kindergarten onwards receive daily instruction in Arabic and weekly instruction in Religion. Students from Grade 1 onwards receive introductory instruction in French. Instruction in Egyptian Social Studies begins from grade 4.

Extra-curricular activities in sports and games and additional academic tutoring are included in your child’s regular school life at Heritage International School.

Your son or daughter can be assured of receiving the finest quality child-centered education to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically at Heritage International School.

Heritage International School Foreign Teaching Positions 2022-2023
Name Position
Mr. Bill Parent Head Principal
Mr. John Mullin VP- Secondary School
Mr. Mark Remington VP-Elementary School
Mr. Michael Carver Business 9-10/ Essentials 10/ History 11
Mr. Richard Macfarlane English 8,11 & 12, S.S.8
Mr. David Stewart English 7&10
Mr. Anthony Iannetti S.S. 7/English 9/Drama 9/ PE 11
Mr. Randy Penny Math 9/Essentials 11-12/Chem 11-12
Ms. Vicky Standing S.S. 9/Geography 10/ Global Issues 12/Psychology 12
Ms. Megan Meagher Art 9-12
Ms. Ann GobranICT 9-12 ICT 9-12
Mr. Aaron Goutier Business 11-12/Accounting 11/Economics 12
Mr. Dimitrios Graikinis Science 9-10/Bio 11-12
Mr. Jack McBeath PE 9A-10&12
Mr. Fotis SevastakisGrade 6-A Teacher
Mr. Cameron Doroshuk Grade 5-A Teacher
Ms. Cindy Doroshuk Grade 5-B Teacher
Ms. Nelly El Menoufy Grade 4-A Teacher
Ms. Diane Savoie Grade 3-A Teacher
Ms. Mena Hamdy Grade 3-B Teacher
Ms. Karleen Reynolds Grade 2-A Teacher
Ms. Lindsay Goutier Grade 1-A Teacher
Ms. Margaret Loewen Grade 1-B Teacher
Ms. Julia McEvoy Grade SK-A Teacher
Ms. Gill Howarth Grade JK-A Teacher
Ms. Deborah Joseph EAL Teacher/Substitute/Drama 10-12
Ms. Shery Takawy Guidance Counselor
Ms. Nemat Yahia Business Development & Marketing Manager
 Local Staff 
Name Position
Mr. Ahmed Amin Math7&9B/Physics 11-12  Essentials 12
Mr. Mohamed ElSabbagh Pre-Cal 10-12/Ad. Math 12/Essentials 10/Science 7
Ms. Erika Kalpacas Art  (Gr. 1-8)
Ms. Riham Fathi DELF (Gr. 9-12) / French Gr. 9-12
Ms. Nadia Berrahma French (Gr. 1-4)
Ms. Mona Feyez French (Gr. 5 – 8)
Mr. Hussien Ahmed PE (JK to Gr. 4)
Mr. Adham Roshdy Music (JK – Gr.3 )
Mr. Islam Zidan PE (Gr. 5-8)
Mr. Sameh Samir Music  (Gr. 4-8)
Ms. Youssra Ragheb ESL
Ms. Dina Mohamed ESL
Ms. Mai Naguib ESL
Ms. Heba Hammad Secondary – Chemistry Lab Assistant