Learning Support

Teaching Assistants

All kindergarten and early elementary grades have teaching assistants (T.A.) assigned to them to support the teachers in helping enhance core skills, including reading enhancement, character development, and observation for a safe environment.

English as a Second Language Team (ESL)

Heritage provides a team of highly trained, experienced team of ESL specialists to assist elementary learners with their literacy and math skills where needed, using the methods implemented in the classrooms to reinforce instruction and enhance skill acquisition, including reading assessments.

After School Tutoring

Heritage provides two 8 week blocks at 45 minutes per week annually where students with literacy and/or numeracy needs are tutored weekly after school.

Administrative Support

Our administrators come with many years of classroom and administrative experience and are always ready to counsel families, mentor students and are consistently engaging the teachers and student body in helping assure they are on the path to academic and social success