Heritage International School community is committed to multiple pathways toward excellence and achievement for all students. Our students will imagine, reflect, and innovate within a safe, equitable, and responsive learning environment that develops their academic, social, and emotional growth and holistic well-being. They will develop the critical thinking, creative problem solving, technological and media literacy, communication, and collaboration skills necessary to participate in and contribute to the global world. They will practice the core values of the school: respect, integrity, tolerance, inclusion, and excellence. The school will provide each student with the social and academic skills needed to interact and explore the world as a confident life-long learner.


At Heritage International School we view all our students as inherently intelligent, exceptional, and uniquely talented. Our Manitoba curriculum challenges students to think and act according to their own highest ability in an environment in which the potential of each student is valued.

Balance is the guiding principle of our school. Challenging academics are coupled with a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others.

Students are inspired to excel in academics, to be active thinkers, and to be conscientious stewards of the world around them with a balance of discipline and freedom. We believe in producing unstoppable learners who are inspired to make an impact and determined to fulfill their potential and control their futures.

We seek to inspire and motivate our students to strive for excellence; seek the truth; live honorably; act responsibly, and help others so that they can emerge into a wide and challenging environment and assert Egypt’s leadership in the world.


  • Value each student who is admitted and encourage each to establish and achieve high personal standards of achievement as a learner and moral citizen in the community that is Heritage International School and in the larger communities of which they are and will become a part.
  • Continue to attract and reward a faculty of hard-working professionals, who are student-centered, reflective, and skilled in teaching and learning for understanding. Establish a harmonious, enthusiastic relationship between the Egyptian and Manitoba members of the faculty by formal and informal means. Promote the continued development of professional expertise in each faculty member.
  • Establish curriculum development as an ongoing project so that new ideas, new concepts, new information, and new perspectives are synthesized with what is already in place. Assure the availability of resources for curriculum development to each faculty member.
  • Provide state-of-the-art computer facilities that will provide direct instruction, instructional support, data-gathering and data-analysis capabilities, text and graphics applications, and Internet access for all areas of the curriculum, including computer programming.