Mai Shorosh

05 Feb

When I looked at this picture of the graduation of my oldest daughter in 2022, it reminded me of the first day I came to Heritage fourteen years ago when I was searching for a school. I met the management team, and when I made an interview with the General Manager, I knew that the school is run by a well oriented family which made me satisfied and feel safe for my daughter.  I found that the school is managed very well, and they solve any problems I face directly. They knew everything about the students in school and out of school. Also, the teaching staff is extremely qualified and has good communication with the management which makes a safe environment for the students, and makes them enjoy learning as well as love going to school. That made me realise the meaning of the sentence I read on my first day in school “LEARNING IS A PLEASURE”. Therefore, I decided to enroll all my children in the school till now. Thanks to every single one who works in Heritage International School.