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Does Heritage accept mid-year transfers?

Yes. Students must go through the application process, meet our admissions standards and then files are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Does the school offer a tour?

Yes, Heritage international schools offer a virtual 360 tour on the website as well as an open day scheduled to give parents the opportunity to be able to see the school campus on their appointed day.

Does Heritage international school assess all applicants? What are the assessments like?

Each applicant is evaluated in a variety of topic areas. To make sure the kid is academically and developmentally in accordance with the requirements of Heritage international school, evaluations differ according to age and grade level.

– Language, math, problem-solving, motor, and intellectual skills in the early years.

– Language arts and math for grades 1 through 3

What documents are required for the admission process?

A student applying for admission to Heritage international school must submit the following documents:
* A completed application form.
* Two recent passport size photographs.
* Copy of a computer-generated birth certificate (Egyptian students)/copy of the passport (non-Egyptian students only).
* Copy of both parent identifications.
* Copy of academic end of year report for the past two years (students applying for grades 1-3)
* Copy of behavior reference letter from the student’s current school (students applying for grades 1 and 2)

How do we apply?

The admission process is open all year around through the Heritage international school’s website, you can apply directly online by completing the application form and booking a date and time for your child’s admission assessment. The admission team will call you to confirm your appointment and answer any inquiries you may have. The assessment fee is paid on the assessment day and is non-refundable.

What distinguishes Heritage from other schools?

The Manitoba Canadian Ministry of Education has a fully licensed Heritage International School. Subsequently, the Manitoba Ministry of Education examines us annually to make sure the following conditions are met:

The institution adheres to the Manitoba Global Education Program.

The Manitoba Ministry of Education certifies instructors.

The Ministry of Education’s registrars register students, and they receive their Manitoba Personal Education Number (PEN)
The Manitoba Ministry of Education in Canada issues diplomas to every graduate of Heritage International School.

Why choose the Canadian Education System for your child?

According to the 2022 US News report, Canada is the 4th best country for education in the world and has consistently featured among the top 5 countries since 2016!

Canadian system has the best international standard of education from the best academic and educationists of the world. It is known for providing world-class education starting from kindergarten level to higher secondary levels.

Does Heritage international school hire local or foreign teachers?

All the teachers at Heritage international school are 100% Certified Canadian teachers.

Are all grade levels available at Heritage international school?

Yes, all grades from JK to Grade12 are available at Heritage international school.

Where is Heritage international school located?

Heritage international school is located in Al Yasmine Greenland Second Touristic Village Sixth of October City, Giza, Egypt.