Sadek El Moshneb

01 Dec

Heritage gave me the opportunity to learn and get exposed to a range variety of classes and communities that have helped me in the process of building my character which has led me to what I’ve currently reached, the selective environment and crowd has supported me along the way of exploring my career path. Heritage represented a home to each and everyone of us, and was a great opportunity!

Graduate of the American University in Cairo,

Graduate of Integrated Marketing Communications with double Minor in Film and Business.

Current Art Curator at Art D’Egypte- Advertisements Producer

Managing and planning Art Exhibitions, most lately the famously known Forever Is Now at the Pyramids of Giza, also working on NFTs and digital Art, being one of the first companies in Egypt and the MENA region to join the NFT world.

Previously worked on several famous advertisements for known brands in the MENA region as an assistant producer.