Jumana Mahrous

01 Dec

Current work: Executive Director & Managing Partner of Film House Egypt/UAE


*Executive Film Producer (Cinema/Ads)

*Part-time Real Estate Industry

Heritage will always be where I met people who I consider to be family until this day; the community that the school built is extremely impressive and has built relationships that truly lasted beyond it. It’s also where I had one of the best shawermas I’ve been able to find.

I went to the Architectural Association, School of Architecture in London.

I currently work as the Head of Visuals for a creative collective called Underground Social. We create and curate events, exhibitions, and digital content for local and international creatives as well as running a record label and artist residencies around Egypt. I also freelance as a Creative Strategist helping bridge the gaps between creatives and non-creatives in corporate entities as well as smaller collectives.