Farah Abdallah

01 Dec

The school has taught me to think outside of the box and to explore life differently, by allowing me to take the courses that are suitable for my personal preference. Starting with Business courses and Global Issues, until different Math courses which are more relevant in today’s world. These courses still have an affect on my life today.

I attended 3 universities, first Bachelors: AUC – Major: Political Science with 3 minors (History, Economics, Arab and Islamic Civilization.) Second Bachelors was in Law at Cairo University and my third Degree is a Masters in Global Affairs with a specialization in International Security.

Now I work as the Legal Manager of Paymob Globally, which means I am in charge of any legal or regulatory matters related to Egypt, Pakistan, the UAE and the countries that we will be launching soon. Working at a startup gives me the feeling that every single thing I do matters, especially since we all contribute directly to the company, which makes me even more excited to be working with them.