Why study at a Canadian K-12 school?

There are a number of competitive advantages to a Canadian education, such as that which students can

expect to receive at Heritage:


In our elementary school, you can expect an education that:

Focuses on literacy

Heritage teaches literacy based on proven best practices and the science

of reading through our curriculum and highly effective online supplemental materials with the

goal of producing a highly skilled student body of lifelong learners.

Focuses on numeracy

Canadian curriculum is a scaffolded system, well known for building a

solid foundation in numeracy skills at the elementary level. On top of a highly effective

curriculum, Heritage utilizes a well proven practice tool which allows teachers to assign and

follow students practicing specific skills online.

Based on the leading science

Provides a holistic, hands-on approach to learning with active

participation through experiments, projects, and STEM tasks (science, technology and

mathematics) starting at the earliest ages to spark curiosity and the love of learning.

Builds the foundations

Of social awareness, responsibility and values within the classroom and

our community with activities such as our “Monthly Character Trait” program where students

are taught and recognized for showing character traits including: integrity, honesty, fairness,

and others

Promotes and teaches the values

Of multiculturalism, acceptance, equality, respect and social

awareness, which Canada is known for internationally. This is done through curriculum and

extra activities, led by our experienced foreign staff.


highly experienced, qualified Western teachers for all Canadian core courses, starting

from JK, through to grade 12, providing a distinct advantage in the classroom.

Takes pride in the character development

Of its student body in areas such as respect for self

and others, discipline in the classroom and in the community.

Honors the rich diversity

in Canada’s citizens and their cultural traditions, including that of our

host country, Egypt, which historically played a major role in the development of Western

Civilization through its ancient times.

In our middle and high school, you can expect an education that

Fosters a diverse, multifaceted worldview.

Motivates modern solutions to emerging and 21st century problems

Develops the values of global citizenship, equality, human rights and diversity.

Provides standards and outcomes-based assessments which are rigorous enough to cause

the standard university entry exam (such as an SAT) to be waived for our graduates

Employs Western educators who hold a degree in their subject area as well as in education,

working to Canadian standards of instruction and assessment.

Sustains an ethos of community, inclusion and achievement.

Continues the elementary trajectory of focusing on achievement in literacy and numeracy.