Character Education Initiative

Each month Heritage will focus on one of our character attributes, as follows:

September: Caring – We show kindness towards each other.
October: Cooperation – We work together towards shared goals and purposes.
November: Courage – We do the right thing, even when it is difficult.
December: Empathy – We strive to understand and appreciate the feelings and actions of others.
January: Honesty – We behave in a sincere, trustworthy and truthful manner.
February: Inclusiveness – We include everyone in what we do and value their contributions.
March: Integrity – We act justly and honourably in all that we do.
April: Optimism – We maintain a positive attitude and have hope for the future.
May: Respect – We treat ourselves, others, and the environment with consideration and dignity.
June: Responsibility – We are accountable for our actions and we follow through on commitments.


How are students recognized?
When a student demonstrates an exceptional act of good character,  a “Character Counts” coupon will be issued to them . Some staff members may opt to turn the coupon over and write a short note with a description of what they witnessed. Before the end of the month the name of the student with the most coupons will be awarded a certificate during the morning assembly on the last day of the month.

What is the incentive for the students?
We teach our students to be kind and do their best every single day, not just to earn recognition, but because it is the right thing to do.

Leah Robertson
Guidance Counsellor