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Dear Parents and Students,

As a result of our ongoing monitoring of the Covid cases and contacts in our school community, along with recent decisions released by the Ministry, we are announcing that JK to Grade 12 will be online starting Tuesday, May 4th. All students will be engaging in online lessons as per the online learning schedule we have been following throughout the year. A reminder that all students should be fully engaged in the lessons daily and that online attendance is expected. We will continue to monitor the situation  in our community and communicate any changes if they occur.


In an effort to keep our community safe we once again are asking parents to contact Dr. Moreen at moreen.aziz@heritageinternationalschool.com with any PCR positive results from students as well as any close contact cases . In addition to confirmed PCR positive results we ask that you report any symptoms of illness that have occurred this past week to Dr. Moreen.

Please note that students who are in contact with confirmed Covid cases should isolate and not return to school unless approved by the doctor.

Please note online learning schedules may differ from schedules found on Engage. Schedules for JK to Grade 12 online learning can be found below.

Important Notices:

Grades 3 to 8 Art and Music students will go to the appropriate class based upon their Even and Odd designation. This allows students to receive both Art and Music for the entire school year.

Please note that the Grade groups will send out more information on the online lessons as some smaller group times and one to one sessions will be added. It is important to remember that the younger the students the more assistance they will require at home. Students must sign in at the start time of the scheduled period for their specialty teacher (Art, Music, PE, French, Arabic, Religion, Egyptian Social Studies) as per the schedules below.

Online Lesson Schedules JK to Grade 6:



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6


Grade 7 to 12

The students will be required to check in at the start of their period and check out at the end of their period. Students that do not do this will be marked absent for the period. All deadlines are to be met for assignments or marks will be deducted as per our late policy found in the parent handbook. The schedule for Grade 7 – 12 students follows their timetable on Engage. Please note that Grades 8, 10 and 12 will follow the follow the times as seen in previous years but Grades 7, 9 and 11 will follow a different set of times. This will be carried over to when the students attend the school, allowing us to maintain bubbles for age groups. Also, note students are required to check in and check out at the start and end of every period, however, it is expected in the secondary that some periods will have instruction for part of the period and some periods will be dedicated work periods.

Online Lesson Schedules Grade 7 to 12:

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

General Information

In a regular classroom, teachers do not talk, lecture or teach the entire period. There is instruction time, and activity time. Students are expected to sign on at the start of the lesson for instruction and then complete the activity or work. At the completion of the work they are expected to upload it to MS teams for assessment by the teacher. For Grade 7 to 12 students they are to check out with their teacher at the end of the work period.

Please note with MS Teams the students can call or message the teachers at any point like “What’s app” or a phone call if they are working on an assignment. Think of calling in or messaging like raising your hand to ask a question.

Further details for grades or subjects will be provided by teachers on the Orientation Video and/or in follow-up letters.

Final Words

We appreciate the flexibility of parents in these difficult times. As you can see, we have made many changes and adjustments to our online learning setup from last year. We feel it is very important to keep the times of instruction and questions within the 8:30am to 2:30pm timetable. The MS Teams platform along with the check in and check out aims to keep students on track with this. We want to remind you that all students and parents (for our younger students) can message or call in to their teacher through MS Teams which is like raising hands in the classroom if you have any questions during the lesson or the day. We at Heritage, do believe that it is very likely we will have to go through many stages this year, where we teach online and then are back at school, making it important to stay on the same school schedule. This will mean less adapting with the two formats.

A reminder that the various grades and subjects will send out letters and/or videos to their students with more details for online teaching, as well as guidelines and precautions for when we return to the school.

Please continue to encourage social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment at school and at home. It appears that older students are having unsafe gatherings outside of the school resulting in the spread of Covid- 19. We should all work together to avoid gatherings, which will reduce the chance of us having an outbreak in the school.

With the change to hybrid learning we strongly encourage the use of face masks and face shields in all grades.

Please note that as stated in previous communications, plans are subject to change as we are continuously monitoring the ongoing safety and academic needs of our community.

We thank you for your support, understanding and care in this ever evolving situation.


Heritage International School