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As your child enters Senior Years (Grades 9 to 12), he or she will have to take on more responsibilities for his or her learning and will be facing more choices and decisions: “What do I want to do later on in life? Which programming best fits my career choice? What courses do I need so I can get into this post-secondary program or that apprenticeship?” Through career exploration and planning, your child will be presented with opportunities to find answers to these challenging questions.

In Senior Years, an interesting range of compulsory and optional courses will be offered to your child. As students successfully complete courses, they earn course credits towards high school graduation (One credit is comprised of 110 hours of instruction).

To obtain a Manitoba high school diploma, students must accumulate a minimum of 30 credits. Students need to earn a credit in every compulsory course to be able to graduate from high school. In total there are 17 compulsory courses from Grade 9 to Grade 12 in the English Program and 16 in the Technology Education Program (see tables in English Program and Technology Education Program links). Students earn additional credits by completing optional courses.

There are five compulsory courses in Grade 9: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education/Health Education, Science and Social Studies.

Please click below to view the High School Credit Booklet:

High School Credit Booklet