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Grade 8 children assess their own points of view during discussions with others. They listen actively, share viewpoints, disagree politely, ask questions correct misconceptions, and provide feedback.

Children compare how they understand what they read, see and hear. They summarize main ideas and learn to use specialized and technical vocabulary.

Children do research in a variety of ways and choose appropriate information sources to find answers to their questions.

Children try more ways to communicate ideas keeping in mind the purpose and the intended audience. For example, they present panel discussions, debates, dramatizations and speeches. They may also create timelines, write biographies or letters to the editor, and prepare audiovisual presentations and documentary videos.

In Grade 8, children use a variety of skills and strategies to edit their work.

Children learn to cooperate to ensure that groups work well together. For example, they discuss responsibility and resolve conflicts.

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You may also refer to the Manitoba curriculum documents.

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