Student Life - Policies and Regulations

The Community of Heritage International School Students

Heritage International School exists to create opportunities and challenges for all students to develop and broaden their intellectual and personal horizons. This will occur as students engage with a wide range of people, faculty, fellow students, administrators, and other persons associated with the school, whose own horizons are far-reaching.

The school community of faculty, students, administrators, and parents strive to act in ways that promote personal integrity, kindness, concern for the well-being of others, idealism, and generosity of spirit. Few experiences equal the promise of a Heritage International education in promoting and realizing these qualities of character.

Students are explicitly encouraged to look beyond the specific rules and regulations of the school in order to seek additional ways to build the school community. These include the cultivation of lasting friendships and mentor relationships with faculty, lasting friendships with fellow students, high academic and extracurricular achievements, and unfailing support for the efforts and achievements of others.

1. Homework
2. Grades and Grading
3. Assessment & Evaluation
4. Levels of Achievement
5. Progress Reports
6. School Uniform and Uniform Policy
7. Attendance Policy
8. Disciplinary Procedures
9. Academic and Personal Honesty