Mission Statement

Heritage International School’s mission is to develop a child-centered system of education that allows students to become independent thinkers in their own right.

Our Vision

As a unique school in Egypt, the vision of Heritage International School is distinctive. The school seeks to influence Egypt’s future by producing graduates whose moral and intellectual excellence and consummate abilities will make them highly sought for roles in shaping Egypt’s place in the world.
Students of Heritage International School will be citizens of the world. They will have well-formed networks of friends and associates throughout the world. They will be grounded in the Egyptian view of the world and will also be conversant with Manitoba history, arts, and intellectual attainment, especially as found in Canada. They will be poised and effective in their dealings with North America. While remaining Egyptian in their personalities and deepest loyalties, they will nevertheless have sensitivity to and appreciation for cultures, customs, and peoples that are very different from Egypt’s.

The school asks much of its students and their families in terms of effort, time, and tuition. In return, it provides a place of deep commitment to learning, where the lifelong skills of understanding, personal and public expression, computation, problem solving, cooperation, and imagination are acquired, nurtured, and refined. The Manitoba native speaking faculty endeavors to teach a curriculum that meets Egyptian educational standards squarely while simultaneously engaging students in the exploratory, open thinking that is characteristic of Manitoba pedagogy. While English is the school’s official language of learning, it is helped along by the powerful tools that computers provide for accessing, organizing, and distributing information as part of learning.

To rear its students in this kind of school climate, where learning is paramount and understanding prized, enabling them to emerge into a wide and challenging world and assert Egypt ‘s leadership in the world is the mission of Heritage International School.

mission_enrich  Our Goals

  • Value each student who is admitted and encourage each to establish and achieve high personal standards of achievement as learner and moral citizen in the community that is Heritage International School and in the larger communities of which they are and will become a part.
  • Continue to attract and reward a faculty of hard-working professionals, who are student-centered, reflective, and skilled in teaching and learning for understanding. Establish a harmonious, enthusiastic relationship between the Egyptian and Manitoba members of the faculty by formal and informal means. Promote the continued development of professional expertise in each faculty member.
  • Establish curriculum development as an ongoing project so that new ideas, new concepts, new information, and new perspectives are synthesized with what is already in place. Assure the availability of resources for curriculum development to each faculty member.
  • Provide state-of-the-art computer facilities that will provide direct instruction, instructional support, data-gathering and data-analysis capabilities, text and graphics applications, and Internet access for all areas of the curriculum, including computer programming.
  • Maintain a full and active calendar of extracurricular events so that students can engage in talent enlarging, fulfilling activities, both cooperative and competitive.
  • Encourage regular, open communication between school and parents.



     Our Values

The values the school carries out in order to be true to its mission and to achieve its goals are:

  • Student-Centeredness: In all parts of the school and among all who are employed by it, there is a keen, continuous interest in the personal well being and highest possible achievement of each student. For this reason, the teacher-to-student ratio is a generous one, never more than 25 students per classroom.
  • Openness to experimentation and change: Consistent with Heritage International School’s official designation as a Manitoba curriculum school, there is an institution-wide orientation to always doing a better job. This requires reflection, study, and alertness to new ways of doing things and a willingness to change one’s ways in order to perform at a higher level.
  • Reasoned and respectful argument: As a community, Heritage International School depends heavily on its faculty and staff, students, parents, and educational officials, scholars, and consultants to be sources of insight, wisdom, and new ideas to guide it. It expects that they will cast a critical eye on its policies and practices and will provide helpful recommendations, suggestions, and proposals for improvement. To be most effective, such advice will be offered in civil, respectful tones and be reason-giving.