Guidance Updates in December

Greetings and happy winter! 

We started off the month recognizing our elementary students for showing COURAGE (doing the right thing, even when it is difficult). Congratulations to Edam, Karim, Alia, Amin, Marly, Nour, Toleen, Tomas, Al, Marwan and Hussein, for being brave everyday.

This month we are focusing on EMPATHY. By striving to understand the feelings and actions of others, we can appreciate what they are going through and lend them our support and help.

During guidance assemblies we have been talking about ORGANIZATION. Students are encouraged to keep a “to do” list, an agenda, or a calendar on their phones in order to organize due dates and upcoming exams. There are a short 2.5 weeks until winter break. When we return we will have Ministry exams, a review week, and then our Manitoba curriculum exams before the semester ends. It is imperative students are planning in advance what they need to do and when, in order to finish strongly. Please come see Ms. Leah in room 410 if you need assistance with this!