Girl Talk has resumed!

Grade 5 and 6 girls meet every Monday with Ms. Leah and Ms. Tori at the picnic tables under the umbrellas. We have been reading the novel “Saints and Misfits” by S.K. Ali about a girl trying her best to navigate a whole series of relatable girl problems — fitting into the new families created by her parents’ divorce, a tough math class, diversity and mean girls. We talk about topics brought up in the book and about world events; for instance, this week we had a discussion about gratitude and all the things we are grateful for, since it is Canadian thanksgiving!

Grade 7-12 meet every Thursday. We talk about self-esteem, body image, mental health, leadership, community involvement, mentorship, goal-setting, healthy relationships, and global citizenship. We will be planning our annual Girls Night In event in the near future.

Grade 3 girls meet at the end of the day every Wednesday, to talk about healthy friendships and kindness. This week we are designing a poster for our group, brainstorming group rules, and learning about how to give and receive compliments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me