The school campus is designed and built according to the highest international standards with a land area of 20.000 square meters. It comprises of 4 classes at each grade level, adding up to around 56 classrooms. The classroom is designed to receive 25 students, according to the International standards.

  • Due to its distinguished location, Heritage International School will definitely be the perfect environment for your children. The open playgrounds and clear blue skies that describes the surrounding area, allows the children to run and play around without having to worry about any health or pollution issues. Students will always be in a modern, safe and clean environment.

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  • A highly professional medical staff is hired to ensure your children’s safety and health, through out the academic year.
  • The school will be equipped with two separate computer networks: an educational network and an administrative network.
  • All classrooms and indoor facilities will be equipped with Internet connections.
  • Heritage International School buses will take your child to school and back home in any area. We ensure a comfortable ride for your child.

    The campus includes the following facilities:

Heritage International School is going under continuous development. The main building that comprises the Kindergarten to grade 9 classes is considered to be phase 1 of construction.
Phase 2 is being built at the moment and will comprise the school’s indoor theatre and extra classrooms expected to be used in Academic Year 2019-2020.
Phase 3 will comprise the swimming pool.

Indoor facilities:

1. Indoor multipurpose room
2. Large two-story library
3. Indoor Gym
4. Indoor Cafeteria
5. Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Industrial Labs
6. Two Computer Labs
7. Language Labs
8. Indoor Theater (under construction)

Outdoor facilities:

1. Large multipurpose court
2. Football fields
3. Landscaped open court areas