Parents are welcomed to contact the school’s Marketing Manager to inquire about the school’s fees and payment schedule. As for the suitable age for admission, we will accept children whose birth dates are prior to 31st of December on the following basis:

Junior Kindergarten
4 years
Senior Kindergarten
5 years
Grade 1
6 years
Grade 2
7 years
Grade 3
8 years
Grade 4
9 years
Grade 5
10 years
Grade 6
11 years
Grade 7
12 years
Grade 8
13 years
Grade 9
14 years
Grade 10
15 years
Grade 11
16 years
Grade 12
17 years

After contacting the Marketing Manager, parents are required to fill in the attached forms and present it to the school. An assessment exam will then be scheduled to asses the applying students.

Steps/Documents required for registration: