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Please check the calendar below frequently to view our updated Activities’ calendar. Note that the activities listed below might be cancelled, modified, or changed. For any further information, please contact the school’s activities coordinator on the school’s telephone numbers.

Terry Fox Day Thursday 26 September
House Kick Off Thursday 10  October
Halloween Parade Thursday 31 October
Canadian Remembrance Day Tuesday 12  November
 Sports Day (G7-G9) Wednesday 20  November
 Sports Day (G10-G12) Thursday 21 November
Activities and Events     First Term
Activities and Events  Second Term
School Photos Monday 2 December
Tuesday 3 December
Christmas Celebrations Wednesday 18 December
I Love To Read Month February
Spelling Bee (G 1-3) Tuesday 4 February
Spelling Bee ( G4-6 & G7-8) Wednesday 5 February
Book Fair From Sunday 16February
Until Thursday 20 February
100 Days of School Tuesday 18 February
Sports Day ( SK-G2) Wednesday 4  March
Spirit Week
From Sunday 8 March – To Thursday 12 March
Egypt Culture Day
Thursday 12th March
Public Speaking (G3 -6) Tuesday 17 March
Public Speaking (G7-12) Wednesday 18 March
Pense au Sens (G1-G4) Sunday 5 April
Pense au Sens (G5-G8) Monday 6 April
French Recital Wednesday 8 April
Science Fair From Sunday 26 April to Thursday 30 April
Visual & Musical Art Month May
Art Exhibition

From Tuesday 19 May

Until Thursday 21 May

Spring Recital (JK-G6) Wednesday 17 June
Graduation Day Monday 22 June
   Activities and Events Third Term