Words of Wisdom

We have been speaking a lot this month about “Growth Mindset”. A new bulletin board has been put up in the atrium for you to explore at break and lunch times. The aim is to infuse our space with positivity and train our brain to remain motivated.


  1. Read over the quotations and answer the reflection questions that are under each quotation. Perhaps read one quotation a day for the next month.
  2. You can do this with a friend, in a group, or by yourself.
  3. You can answer in your head, or use the questions as a prompt for your journal writing.
  4. After reading all quotations from the bulletin board, select one quote that stands out to you. Why did you select this quote? Use specific evidence to support your response.

Parents: ask your children to share some of their favourite quotations with you.

Teachers: consider accompanying your students to the board and use the quotations as a starting point for analysis, making connections, self-reflecting and other higher order thinking discussions.