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Your child develops knowledge, skills and attitudes for being active and healthy in these areas:

Movement and Fitness

  • playing cooperatively
  • basic skills such as running, hopping, and bouncing balls
  • participating in physical activities


  • recognizing and following safety rules for physical activities, footwear and playgrounds
  • identifying safety symbols and rules for traffic, school buses, poisons and chemicals, stoves, sharp utensils, bathtubs, and waterfronts
  • knowing where to go and whom to ask for help in the community

Personal and Social Management

  • identifying their own actions, feelings, emotions related to getting along with others
  • knowing how to listen carefully, avoid danger, find help;
  • recognizing what is safe/healthy and what is unsafe/unhealthy

Healthy Lifestyle Practices

  • knowing daily habits for healthy living, such as daily physical activity, teeth brushing and washing, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep
  • identifying helpful and harmful substances
  • naming the parts of the body
  • understanding the right to privacy (e.g. washrooms)

To find out more about what your child is learning, talk to the teacher.

  • HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL – SCHOOL SECONDARY SPORTS DAY 2019 Dear Parents, Heritage International School sports days are quickly approaching.  They will be held on the following dates: Grade 7 to 9             :           Wednesday, March 6th  at 12:30 p.m. Grade 10 to 12         :           Thursday, March 7th     at 12:30 p.m. Students and parents are asked to dress in their House Team colours and show their team pride. That means all ...
  • Welcome to Kindergarten – Grade 3 PE!! My name is Captain Hussein and I have been working at Heritage for 7 years now, in PE. I am Egyptian and I enjoy swimming and watching football. I will try to teach the children how to move, play safely, and have some fun!!
  • Who Wants to Play? My name is Engi and I have been here at Heritage for 2 years. I am Egyptian and I used to play basketball for 15 years so it is my ultimate passion. I will be teaching grades 4-8 in PE.
  • Welcome to PE!!! I want to welcome all new and returning Heritage students to the PE department!! I am Miss Pamela, originally from Manitoba, Canada, but I have been teaching overseas for 8 years now, in many different countries. In my pastime, I enjoy traveling, playing many sports and activities, dancing, and being in nature and on the ...
  • Welcome New Students! Hello and welcome to another exciting year at Heritage International School. My name is Mr. Christian and I am very pleased to announce that I will be teaching Grade 7 Social Studies as well as secondary Physical Education. This is my first year teaching in Egypt and I am expecting to have a tremendous year ...

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