Welcome to the Junior Kindergarten Homepage

Dear Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our Heritage school community! We are both very excited to be teaching at Heritage again this year.

We believe that we have been given a very important responsibility in teaching your child in his/her first year at school. Junior Kindergarten is a crucial time in your child’s development as it is a time when he/she develops rapidly; physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. It is also a time when children are forming attitudes towards education which will underpin all future learning. Therefore, above all we feel that your child’s time in Junior Kindergarten should be educational and fun!

Play is the means by which young children learn and we cannot emphasize its importance enough! We believe that well-planned, purposeful play will engage your child in fun-filled learning experiences and lead to his/her success in achieving the Junior Kindergarten learning outcomes.

We are committed to creating a safe, secure and stimulating environment where your child will be facilitated in developing key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and the ability to work and play co-operatively with others.

We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and the children this year.

Kind regards,

Miss Alison and Miss Gill

Please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address;





Week of 16 to 20 September 2018:

Note: Individual reading will start in class this week. Home reading will start week as of Sunday 23rd.


This week we will read Humpty Dumpty. The children will read, sing and watch animated versions of the rhyme.  They will sequence the events to show their understanding and re-tell the rhyme to their friends using their own Humpty Dumpty finger puppets.


We will introduce our first letter sound, s. The children will sing the associated song and make the correct action. They will see how we write the letter using correct formation and attempt to write the letter themselves.

Please click below to hear the song:

We will introduce the concept of beginning sounds and look at words beginning with the s sound. The children will sort pictures into two groups, those beginning with s and those that don’t.

The ability to hear and say beginning sounds in words is a very important pre-reading skill and we will continue to work on beginning sound concepts throughout the year.


The number of the week is 1.


The shape of the week is circle.


Our Topic this term is All About Me.

This week we will talk about parts of the body.

We will make two life size cut outs, one boy and one girl. The children will paint them and together we will label  them.


Important information

Each child will have a student planner in their bag at all times for communication from home and you can also call the school reception if you wish to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.

Please make special note of the following:

Your child will need healthy food and plenty of water every day.

The school canteen is available to JK students. Coupons must be bought in advance from the cafeteria. Kindergarten children are not allowed to bring money to buy from the cafeteria.

Please provide your child with a complete change of clothes (not school uniform). In the event that the spare clothes are used, please return a new set the following day.

Please provide your child with a painting overall as soon as possible. It will remain in class all year.

Please provide your child with a large pack of tissues for use in the classroom.

Classroom supplies are provided by the school so please do not let your child bring his/her own pencil case to class.

Toys from home are not allowed at school unless specifically requested.

Footballs are not permitted as they are extremely heavy and can hurt children. Soft balls for use in the garden are fine.

If your child’s travel arrangements change on any given day, please contact the reception in the morning to let them know.

We will update the JK e corner every Sunday so that you can see exactly what we are planning to cover in class on a weekly basis. Look at www.heritageinternationalschool.com and follow the link to JK in the elementary e corner.

Best regards,

JK Teaching Team


Please note that home reading will start from Sunday 16th September.

You will find your child’s home reading day written in the front of the student planner.

Please return the book on your child’s reading day. If the book is not returned on the appointed day, your child will not receive a new book until the following week.

This week is settling in week. It is a big change from nursery. We will be working on establishing class rules, routines and behaviour expectations.

Our theme this week is ‘Under the Sea’.

We will read a number of sea themed books and talk about the kind of creatures we find in the sea. We will make lots of sea creatures for our class display.

Throughout this week we will be observing the children and compiling baseline assessments.

We are looking forward to a great year in JK!