Welcome to Business Education

We are looking forward to another great year in Business Education.  The Business Education department is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Christopher Scoggins to our great team.  He brings a wealth of experience to share with the students. We are also proud to announce the expansion of the Canadian Koshk Student Executive program to include 5 senior students, who will help grow, manage and run the Canadian Koshk

Business is offered for students in grade 9-12.  Courses include: Entrepreneurship, Retailing, Marketing, Business Management and Leadership, Accounting, and Economics.  There are a number of unique projects and assignments the students have the opportunity to complete such as on-site job shadowing, managing The Canadian Koshk, and charity events.  It is important the students are able to put the theory they are learning in the classroom into practice.

The Canadian Koshk

A school store that is run by the students, for the students! Selling Heritage Gear, School Supplies and Printing Services.  Room 322

Operating Hours:


8:00-8:15 before morning assembly
9:50-10:05 for morning recess
12:05-12:25 for the first half of secondary lunch (secondary students only)

Also, for our young guests (Grades SK-Grade 3) we have set up individual times with the teacher to come for a session on Consumer Education and opportunities to purchase if they wish.

Business Education Grade 9

Business Education Grade 10

Business Education Grade 11

Business Education Grade 12

  • Week 7 – Marketing Sunday: Battle raps day one Monday: Conclusion of battle raps presentations Tuesday: Background lesson for music analysis task Weds: Work period for music analysis task Thurs: No class
  • Week 6 – Marketing Sunday: Value categories: Race. Intro of battle rap task Monday: The teenager Tuesday: Race and gender Weds: Battle raps performance
  • Week 5 – Marketing Sunday: Completion of SA# 1 presentations Monday: Beginning of Unit Two – handing out FA #4 – Lesson on value categories in advertising: race Tuesday: Value categories: gender Weds: Presentations of FA# 4 Thursday: Completion of presentations of FA# 4
  • Week 4 – Marketing Sunday: Wrapping up orals from FA# 3 + beginning to discuss subtext and race and advertising Monday: Extension of Sunday’s lesson theme Tuesday: Beginning SA# 1 – Orals Weds: Continuation of SA#1 Thursday: Conclusion of SA# 1
  • Week 3 – Marketing Sunday: Presentations of FA# 2 Monday: Trust and permission giving Tuesday: Trust and permission giving extension Weds: Beginning of FA#3 presentations Thurs: Continuation and end of FA#3 presentations
  • Week 2 – Marketing Sunday: Marketing the war in Guatemala + introduction of FA# 2 Monday: Marketing war pt. 2 Tuesday: Permission giving and trust in advertising Weds: Lying in advertising Thurs: No class
  • Week 1 – Marketing 11 Sunday: Sigmund Frued and marketing Monday: Edward Bernays – a case study Tuesday: Selling Americans on bacon Weds: Selling Americans on flouride Thursday: Selling Americans on war
  • The Canadian Koshk is now on Facebook and Instagram! Hey students! You can now follow the Canadian Koshk on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook @ www.facebook.com/canadiankoshk Instagram @Canadiankoshk We will be using social media to announce special offers, promote sales and of course to let you know about things like the Golden Ticket promotion! You might even get your photo featured when you come in to buy your ...
  • Welcome to 2017-2018! Dear parents and guardians of Heritage International School   Hello, and thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself and to explain briefly how and why I’m here to help your child succeed in their Heritage International School career.   I was born in Toronto, Canada. After graduating as an Ontario Scholar from high school, I received degrees ...