Secondary Weekly Guidance Assemblies

Guidance Assemblies will be on-going with the following schedule:
Sundays: Grade 7 & 8
Mondays: Grade 9
Tuesdays: Grade 10
Wednesdays: Grade 11
Thursdays: Grade 12

On the scheduled morning, that grade and their homeroom teachers (and/or teachers who teach them 1st period that day) will meet in the MPR. Please head to the MPR around 8:10 as it’s best if we get started at 8:15. The assemblies will last a minimum of 15 minutes, most take 20 minutes, and occasionally 40 minutes to teach a special topic (such as plagiarism).

This week the grades 7-9s had a refresher on the expectations of the school. They were given “Homework” to go over the Parent Handbook with their parents in order to understand the school’s expectations and consequences if they choose to ignore those expectations. Feel free to ask your children each week what the Guidance topic was and have a discussion with them regarding the topic

Grade 10s will miss the assembly this week due to the holiday, I will meet with them next Tuesday to relay any missed information.

Grade 11 and 12s’ topic this week will be Academics and University concerns. Students should considering bringing a paper and pen to jot notes.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Thank you for your support! Ms. Leah