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The below Hot Meal costs L.E. 50

Hot Meal Menu for the week (27th to 30th of January  2020)



Chicken Alfredo

Pasta with grilled chicken strips in cream sauce, with a side salad

Minestrone Soup


Meat Balls and Rice

Meatballs in tomato sauce served with rice and a side salad

Lentil Soup


Breaded Chicken

Breaded strips chicken served with penne Arrabiatta and a side salad

Chicken Cream Soup


Beef Lasagna

Oven baked lasagna layered and filled with minced meat, fresh tomato sauce and cheese

Vegetable Soup


A seasonal fresh fruit salad will be served every day with each meal


Cafeteria Menu 
Brownie L.E. 17
Oatmeal Cookies Pack L.E.  10
Oatmeal Cookie Large L.E. 17
Chocolate chip Pack L.E.  10
Chocolate chip Large L.E. 17
Cinamon Roll L.E. 17
Dates and Oaks Cookie L.E. 17
Croissant (Plain,) / (Cheese)  / ( Almond ) / ( chocolate ) L.E.  15 / 17
BBQ Chicken Wrap L.E. 37
Turkey Wrap L.E. 38
Beef Salad Wrap L.E. 38
Mexican Chicken Wrap L.E. 38
Tandoori Chicken Wrap L.E. 38
Cold Cuts Sandwitch L.E. 30
Spicy Chicken Panini    Large L.E. 34
Smoked Chicken Panini                        Large/Small L.E. 34/28
Salami and Turkey Panini L.E. 30
Salami Panini L.E. 28
Mix Cheese Panini L.E. 30
Italian Cheese Panini L.E. 30
R To GO  vegetable Salad  (Vegetarian) L.E. 32
Arugula Salad  (Vegetarian) L.E. 28
Chicken Caesar Salad L.E. 39
Chicken Corn Salad L.E. 40
Margherita L.E.30
Vegtarian L.E.35
BBQ Chicken   NEW L.E.38
Hot Dog L.E.38
Pepperoni L.E.38
Soup of the day (tomato, cream of chicken, corn chowder, vegetable, orzo, lentil, Caribbean chicken, mushroom, broccoli, harirra) L.E. 22
From Grill
Homemade Burger / BBQ Burger L.E. 38
Cheese Burger L.E. 43
Grilled Chicken Breast L.E. 40
Hot Dog L.E.30
Daily Specials 
Chicken Shawerma L.E. 32
Chicken Fajita L.E. 34
Beef Fajita  NEW L.E.38
Chicken Tender Sandwich L.E. 37
Grilled Kofta  Sandwich L.E. 34
Hawawshi    Sandwich L.E. 15
Crispy Chicken Sandwich L.E. 37
Crepe Mixed Cheese L.E.30
Crepe Chicken B.B.Q. L.E. 37
Crepe Hot Dog L.E.30
Crepe Chocolate L.E. 28
Coffee Corner
Hot Drinks
Cappuccino** L.E.25
Extra Shot L.E. 6
Café Latte** L.E.25
Espresso** L.E.15
Double Espresso** L.E.21
Macchiato** L.E.17
Mocha** L.E.26
Specialty Teas L.E.  15
Hot Chocolate L.E.17
Tea / Nescafe L.E.15
Cold Drinks
Fresh Juices (Mango, Strawberry, Orange) L.E.20
Lemonade Crush L.E.18
Fruit Smoothie (Mango, Strawberry) L.E.14
Homemade Lemonade L.E.  7
Juice Crushes (Mango, Strawberry, Orange, Minted Lemon) L.E.20
Milk shake (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla) L.E.20
Flavored Milk (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla) L.E. 10
Ice Tea (Lemon, Peach) L.E 12
Water L.E. 5