Research Skills

There will be many times during school/university that you will be asked to do research.  This will be for things such as essays, projects, speeches etc.

Your future job or career may also require you to do research for presentations, reports, etc.

So it is important that you not only know how to do research quickly, but that you know how to do good research

Please go over the presentation below with your parents in order to learn how to find the most accurate & relevant information on the internet.

FOR EXAMPLE: The Gerenuk and The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus are endangered species! Please research both of these animals and find out more about them using the skills you learned:

1. Is the website credible? (What “URL” is the source from? Can you find the info on at least 3 different pages?)
2. Check facts. (Is the information scientific? Is there an image of the animal?)
3. Is the information relevant?

Let us know what you find out! We must work together to save these animals from extinction!

Research Skills Presentation