Positive Self Talk

Welcome to the third week of our anti-bullying awareness month.

This week we are speaking about how one person can make a difference. We shared several inspiring stories about how one small show of empathy can make a life changing difference.

  1. Read about One person CAN make a Difference
  2. We also heard a metaphor about throwing starfish back in the ocean which taught us that looking at something optimistically rather than pessimistically gives us a happier point of view. We are not too young or too insignificant to make a change in at least one person’s life: https://tranqool.com/blog/post/throw-a-starfish-back-into-the-ocean/
  3. Read the following story about Whitney Kroop. Although Whitney could have quit, she decided not to, and the town and people rallied around her. It’s a great example of how we have to believe in ourselves and think positively about ourselves before others can think the same about us: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20634928,00.html
  4. Watch the following video to see football players stand up for a bullied special-needs student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDrCJEA5HRw

Share these stories with your family and friends and use them as a starting point for discussion about how making a difference starts with small gestures. Offer a smile, or a compliment or a helping hand today to someone you would usually just pass on by without noticing. Changing individual lives is the starting point to changing the world!