Grade 12 University Check-list


TL;DR: Great grades in English and Math this semester are important, take your IELTS ASAP, research the specific admissions requirements for your universities of choice (email them your questions re: your specific situations), start asking teachers and coaches for letters of reference.



  • Regular whole grade assemblies to update students on requirements and where they should be in the application process
  • Drop in meetings for individual university application help
  • Organize school university fair


  • Narrow choice of programs; know the deadlines (cut-off dates can vary between institutions)
  • Visit the post-secondary school’s websites to be sure you are taking the correct courses to qualify for admission
  • Visit local schools on your shortlist (open house or pre-book)
  • Attend university info sessions and university fairs
  • Continue applying for scholarships
  • Study and keep up with all assignments; Grade 12 marks, especially from the first semester, count heavily in post-secondary admissions.



  • Some Canadian schools are open for application now
  • Some post-secondary schools even have application deadlines as early as November 1. Check application deadlines for the post-secondary schools that interest you. Also, find out if there are early deadlines to qualify for certain programs, attend different campuses, or to apply for student housing



  • Deadline for some scholarship applications! Be aware of specific dates
  • Give references enough time to write letters of recommendation



  • Use winter break to finish applying to school, many deadlines are in January!
  • This is your final semester of high school! Continue to work hard and get good grades.
  • Continuously check, search and apply for scholarships, grants and bursaries.



  • Letters of admission start to arrive
  • Read offer-of-admission letters carefully; know when and how to register for classes
  • Look into housing; some residence spots are first come first served. To live off campus start looking for listings and/or roommates
  • See if you qualify for bursaries and apply
  • Continue to make long-range plans with your family about how you’re going to pay for post-secondary education and where you’re going to live
  • Whole grade assembly on organising next steps (i.e. creating a folder including all post-secondary materials (applications, transcripts, etc.) for safe keeping;


  • Make appointment to discuss what transition programs their chosen school offers
  • Whole grade assembly on preparation for living on outside parental home for those going abroad



  • Check school’s website for deposit and fee deadlines
  • Send your final transcript showing high school graduation to the post-secondary school you will be attending
  • Review and ensure you meet requests for deposits, housing information, and other information relevant to you from the post-secondary school you will be attending
  • Have graduation ceremony/celebration planned and ready to go



  • Make checklist of everything needed to live outside parental home if applicable
  • Coordinate with future roommates
  • Back to school shopping
  • Packing
  • Study course calendar, choose courses ASAP
  • ***If you have decided to pursue post-secondary education during this time, you may still have a “walk in” option. During the two- to three-week period, just before classes begin, post-secondary schools sometimes discover they still have room for students. Apply now… it’s possible you can still be accepted***