Grade 11 University Check-list

Today in the Grade 11 Guidance assembly we spoke about University entrance and what needs to be considered starting NOW whether you are applying to AUC, Private Universities in Egypt (e.g MSA), Public Universities in Egypt (e.g Cairo University), Universities Abroad – UK, Canada, or Universities in the United States. The entrance requirements vary for each of the above 5 categories, and then again for each university/program AND applicant. The best thing you can do right now is start a list of universities you are interested in applying to, look up their specific requirements, and email the admissions team with any questions you many have.

Please find below a check-list by month to be completed by the end of Grade 11. Please come see me with any questions or concerns!

TL;DR: Grade 11 courses and grades MATTER! Start doing your best and seeking extra help if needed NOW!


  • (Done Sept 12th) Whole Grade assembly regarding requirements for applying to university ie. References, documents, IELTS/TOEFL, participation in university fair…
  • Make individual appointments with each student
    a) talk about picking a major, start student thinking about specific programs
    b) review existing courses and what prerequisites are needed for college/university admission in general


  • Sign up for extracurricular activities
  • Start working hard immediately: strong grade 11 grades could help obtain an early admission offer


  • If choosing an U.S school, register for the SAT. See dates at Amideast
  • Contact former students to discuss their experiences and the differences between university and high school


  • Plan your financing, look for scholarships, consider a part time job (intern/volunteer)


  • Research individual programs that of are interest: what are the prerequisites? Early admission dates? Scholarship opportunities?
  • Make a check-in appointment with counsellor to be updated about students grades, extracurricular, and future plans
  • Course selection for Grade 12: know prerequisites for the post-secondary program of choice


  • Use the spring break to tour campuses of prospective schools
  • Attend career and education fairs looking for programs you haven’t heard of


  • If you have a Canadian passport and are considering a Canadian University, apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) if you don’t already have one
  • Look for a summer job, apprenticeship or volunteer opportunity in order to expand your resume and explore potential career choices
  • Ask for and collect personal, professional and academic letters of reference and contact information


  • Start researching scholarships and bursaries. Bookmark anything that interests you online or print paper copies of post-secondary ENTRANCE scholarships
  • Prepare scholarship applications. Take your time and make sure to have someone proofread


  • Update portfolio with Grade 11 marks, showcase all your accomplishments in school, volunteer work, jobs, hobbies, sports or other extra-curricular
  • Create your own checklist of deadlines for:
  • Admissions applications (These will vary with each post-secondary school.)
  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Materials you will need to submit
  • Keep all this information in a folder and record important dates in your calendar and work on it/update it through the course of Grade 12