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Welcome to a new Academic Year 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another year Heritage International School. We hope you had a great summer. At Heritage we have already started our swimming program for the 9-12 PE classes with 7-8 beginning in October. MUN has begun training sessions and Ms. Rania is working hard on organizing some internal, overnight field trips for Semester 1. Please note that Interim Reports are being sent home on Thursday, November 4th.

Below is a list of the Secondary Teacher Emails, if you need to get in touch with your son or daughter’s teacher.

Secondary 2018-2019
Catherine Gray catherine.gray@heritageinternationalschool.com
Christian MacDonald christian.macdonald@heritageinternationalschool.com
Amanda Wren amanda.wren@heritageinternationalschool.com
Cameron.Doroshuk cameron.doroshuk@heritageinternationalschool.com
Lexy Kerr lexy.kerr@heritageinternationalschool.com
Wendy Ryan wendy.ryan@heritageinternationalschool.com
Matthew Cecchin m.cecchin@heritageinternationalschool.com
Cindy Doroshuk cindy.doroshuk@heritageinternationalschool.com
William Nicholls william.nicholls@heritageinternationalschool.com
Timothy Bennett timothy.bennett@heritageinternationalschool.com
Sheldon Perris sheldon.perris@heritageinternationalschool.com
John Mullin jmullin@heritageinternationalschool.com
Melissa Bergamin mbergamin@heritageinternationalschool.com
Omar Guzman oguzman@heritageinternationalschool.com
Leo Lovett-Doust leo.lovett-doust@heritageinternationalschool.com
Pamela Svojanovski pamela.svojanovski@heritageinternationalschool.com
Engi Ahmed engi.ahmed@heritageinternationalschool.com
Ann Gobran agobran@heritageinternationalschool.com
Iman Abul Ela imane@heritageinternationalschool.com
Erika Kalpacas ekalpacas@heritageinternationalschool.com
Deborah Joseph dburton@heritageinternationalschool.com
Heba Aziz heba.aziz@heritageinternationalschool.com
Leah Robertson leah.robertson@heritageinternationalschool.com

Once again, we hope you have a great Academic Year at Heritage International School.


Ms. Julie Alfred


* On the first day of school, all grade 7 and 8 students will receive FIVE binders, each with one pack of paper and one pack of dividers. This will cost 400 LE in total and is required payment to their homeroom teacher. These binders are for their English, social studies, French, math and science classes. They are 5.5 CM and 2 ring O binders.

Kindly click on the below link to view the Art Supply Lists for grades 7 & 8:

Grade 7 Art Supply List

Grade 8 Art Supply List

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