Dare To Care

Heritage’s first week of anti-bully awareness is wrapping up, with 3 more weeks of assemblies to go!

Students already know what bullying is and “what not to do”.

They know they should “tell an adult”.

People are tired of talking about bullying. Every little conflict seems to be called bullying recently and it is doing a disservice to those who are treated this way.

We are using this month instead to motivate each other to create a culture of kindness in our school.

That means:

  1. Treating others with respect: everyone has a story and deserves to be heard and understood. This includes teachers as well as your fellow classmates.
  2. Feeling capable of intervening when acts of bullying are witnessed.
  3. Knowing that bullying behaviours CAN be unlearned.

Everyone has a chance to start afresh: both the bullies and the targets. When we come back in the new year, let’s come back with a fresh attitude, a strong sense of self-respect and a desire to act as mentors to those in younger grades.