Assembly Topics Sept 23-27

Grades 7,8,9,10:

We spoke about expectations regarding our academic and learning progress. While we all know that our academic achievements are very important and we set goals to obtain between 80-100%, meaning we have thorough understanding and in-depth application of concepts and skills; some of us need a reminder that our LEARNING BEHAVIOURS are also graded and recorded on our permanent record. Universities look at the ACADEMIC grades from grade 11 & 12: but did you know that all Egyptian Universities (except AUC) need to see copies of your Grade 9 to 12 report cards? This means that they will see how many times you have been absent or tardy (period 3 after lunch; I’m looking at you!). They will see whether you have personal management skills, if you are actively participating in your own learning and if you are socially responsible. Please don’t let these behaviours slide in class; they matter!

Grade 11:


We spoke about PROM and GRAD! You are encouraged to come see me (Ms Leah) ASAP with ideas for your grad video/song/shirt colours, etc… Fundraising should start in February at the latest; but need to be planned NOW so it doesn’t conflict with Student Council or other fundraisers. Start collecting money NOW, Ms Julie can keep it in her safe. 50LE a month from every grade 11 for the next 2 years is a good idea to save the funds you will need for a prom. Start collecting baby pictures to scan NOW. Get a committee together and let’s meet at first break or lunch to map this out.

Grade 12:

We spoke about the importance of the next 3 months of lessons. Show up ready to learn and please do not disturb others while they are learning. Please hand in all assignments on time; those of you who have already missed deadlines need to see your teachers ASAP to make up the work.

Please also see Ms Rania ASAP to discuss Grad!